4 Topics. 4 Days. In Under 2 Hours.

At our virtual event, #KeysightWorld, join tech visionaries and analysts as they engage you in an opening keynote on near-term trends, an industry panel discussing key challenges ahead, and a future-looking closing keynote.

5G and 6G
Day 1

Day 2

The Future Starts Here

Every day, technology advances reshape the human experience — from how we live and work, to how we move through the world. Rapidly evolving technologies, including 5G and 6G, quantum computing, digital twins and artificial intelligence, and electric and autonomous vehicles, power endless imagination and innovation across industries.

Keysight World Innovate cuts through the noise to give technology leaders, engineers, and innovators like you a head start on near- and far-term technology developments. Hear industry leaders and futurists share their expertise and predictions. Join us for an inspiring preview of these exciting advances and their possibilities for your industry.

We Have Distilled the Most Critical Insights About the Future of Technology Down to Four 100-minute Sessions

5G Your Way

Day 1: 5G and 6G

Global 5G deployments are accelerating and scaling digital transformation across sectors. Join our industry experts as they explore how to capture the full potential of 5G private networks, the use cases driving their development and implementation, and how global 5G deployments are helping to move digital transformation beyond manufacturing and shaping research into 6G.

Building Quantum

Day 2: Quantum

After decades-long hype around quantum systems, technical experts and futurists converge to discuss the state of quantum technology today and its near and far-term potential. Discover the technical challenges that must be overcome for quantum systems to realize their promise in fields spanning cybersecurity, materials creation, financial analysis, and military receivers.

Digital Twin World

Day 3: Digital Twins and AI

Digital twins and artificial Intelligence (AI) are transformative technologies promising to dramatically alter the world. Join our industry experts and futurists as they delve deep into these exciting technologies to examine how digital twins are transforming product development and the changes on the horizon from the growing role of AI in design and manufacturing.

Automotive Tech

Day 4: Electric and Autonomous Vehicles

The automotive revolution is re-shaping our world, with innovations in both electric vehicles (EVs) and autonomous vehicles (AVs) continuing at a feverous pace. Join today’s foremost automotive tech visionaries and experts as they look into the future of EVs and AVs and examine the challenges to wide-scale adoption that still lie ahead.

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