Keysight is committed to providing information to assist you in protecting your products and solutions from external cyber threats.

Recent Security Advisories

  • Keysight Update: CVE-2022-3786 and CVE-2022-3602

    In November 2022, OpenSSL published two CVEs related to OpenSSL 3.0.0-6.

    Keysight has assessed our product portfolio and has determined that none of our products are exploitable by these CVEs.1
  • Spring Framework Vulnerability (CVE-2022-22963, CVE-2022-22965)

    In late March 2022, Spring announced two vulnerabilities within the Spring Framework and Spring Cloud Function.

    Keysight has assessed our product portfolio and determined potentially impacted products and mitigation actions.1 For more information on this security advisory and Keysight’s actions, visit Security Advisory: Spring Framework Vulnerability

To view Keysight's past security advisories, visit the Security Advisory Archive.

1 Keysight uses commercially reasonable efforts to compile the list of products affected by vulnerabilities. Keysight offers this information for your convenience and does not warrant it is complete.

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Please contact us immediately if you find a Keysight product or solution is impacted by a cyber security issue. View details on how to report a Product Cybersecurity or Enterprise issue. 

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