Upgrading an 8560E Series Spectrum Analyzer to the latest available firmware:

The information in the table below details what will be needed to upgrade an 8560E Series spectrum anlayzer to the latest available firmware. This information is correct for all instruments as they originally left the factory. If a particular instrument has previously had either the firmware upgraded or the A2 controller board replaced for some reason, the instrument will need to be evaluated before the complete details of what will actually be required to upgrade to the latest firmware are known.

Installation notes for the different upgrades listed can be downloaded below to see what is required for each of these upgrades. This will allow the user to decide what they can handle themselves, and what they would like the Keysight Service Centers to do for them.



If the instrument firmware is currently version 940210 or newer the only upgrade required will be the firmware upgrade itself, as all of the required hardware must already be present in order to run these versions.


8560E Series Firmware Upgrade Requirements
Model Serial Prefix A2 Upgrade
EEROM Upgrade
Firmware Upgrade
 8560E  <3310A  Yes  Included with A2 upgrade  Included with A2 upgrade
   ≥3310A & <3416A  No  Yes  Yes
   ≥3416A  No  No  Yes
 8561E  <3310A  Yes  Included with A2 upgrade  Included with A2 upgrade
   ≥3310A & <3416A1  No  Yes  Yes
   ≥3416A  No  No  Yes
 8562E  All  No  No  Yes
 8563E  <3310A  Yes  Included with A2 upgrade  Included with A2 upgrade
   ≥3310A & <3416A  No  Yes  Yes
   ≥3416A  No  No  Yes
 8564E  All  No  No  Yes
 8565E  All  No  No  Yes

1 8561E with serial prefix ≤3329A may also require a new A14 Frequency Control assembly.