Network Modeling using Network Digital Twins

The use of the network digital twin, which is a virtual representation of a physical network, reduces recurring costs and lead times and provides an easier way to perform analysis, testing, and optimization. The framework enables visualizing and testing of a large number of networks in a low-cost, lab-based setting. This provides a small hardware footprint while reducing risk in fielding frequently changing network devices and programs. The network digital twin’s ability to respond exactly like a live network plays a key role in testing cybersecurity and defending the networked systems against evolving cyber threats, while providing network visualization capabilities that identify potential problems or bottlenecks.

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Network Visualization - Seeing the Big Picture

Network visualization is just one benefit of using a digital twin of the network. The digital twin can be used to simulate different scenarios and identify potential problems before they occur so you can eliminate them or create the appropriate response. Network visualization is a valuable tool that can help network administrators improve the efficiency, reliability, and performance of their networks.

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Network Digital Twins - Defense Solutions

Modern warfare requires integration across all domains: land, sea, air, space, and cyber. Our Network Digital Twin technology provides design and analysis tools and cyber training systems to develop, test and deploy large sophisticated wired and wireless networks and communications equipment. We offer multi-domain network solutions to mitigate threats by accurately modeling the impact of cyber attacks as well as analysis, system testing and hardening, and training.

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Network Digital Twins - Critical Infrastructure

Network digital twins help organizations predict the behavior of their networked systems during cyber attacks. To ensure ongoing cyber resilience, IT managers and network planners must consistently assess vulnerabilities to existing and new threats and update strategies proactively. Network visualization aids in the early identification of threats and bottlenecks within critical systems, preventing potential network disruptions and slowdowns.

Network Digital Twins - Autonomous Technology

Our globally used network digital twin modeling and simulation tools enhance vehicle safety worldwide. They enable the simulation of diverse network configurations, including various environments, protocols, mobility patterns, and network traffic, incorporating factors such as urban settings, vehicle mobility, signal properties, and wireless technologies like 802.11p, LTE, and 5G. Leading automotive firms use network visualization for optimizing supply chains, enhancing product quality, and speeding up innovation.

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