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N9021B MXA Signal Analyzer, 10 Hz – 50 GHz

Configuration Guides


This step-by-step process will help you to configure the N9021B MXA signal analyzer, that provides you with up to 510 MHz analysis bandwidth, and up to 50 GHz frequency range.

Refer to the following option list, and tailor the performance and features of the N9021B MXA signal analyzer to meet your requirements

Included in Base Product

Standard options and accessories come with the MXA base model at no additional charge and do not need to be ordered.

They include:

• Spectrum analyzer measurement application

• Hex-core, high-performance processor, 32 GB RAM, with flash calibration file memory

• Frequency reference

• Mechanical attenuator

• Digital processor with 4 GB capture memory

• Fast sweep capability

• Microsoft Windows 10 operating system

• Multi-language user interface

• Benchtop configuration

• User guides

• Receiver calibrator (RCal) control license

• Power cord

Instrument Upgrades

The majority of N9021B upgrade kit are fast license-key upgrades for performance options that do not require additional hardware:

1. Place an order for the upgrade with Keysight and request to receive the option upgrade entitlement

certificate and a one-time software upgrade license through email

2. Redeem the certificate through the web by following the instructions on the certificate

3. Install the license file and latest software in the MXA

4. Begin using the new capability


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