Total Network Visibility Is Key to Strong Security

You can't secure what you can't see. That's why Keysight's solution for network security relies on a visibility platform that provides 100% data access to traffic flowing on any network segment — physical, virtual, or cloud — at any speed.

Keysight's powerful packet processing engine pinpoints exactly the right traffic using context-awareness derived from packet details and delivers it to your security solutions at high speed. Integrated security intelligence lets you screen out known malware and other attacks. And Keysight's high-availability security resilience makes sure active monitoring persists, even during an inline device failure.

Make sure your security architecture is supported with total network visibility from Keysight.

Intelligent Visibility Diagram
Security Through Visibility, Context, and Simplicity

Security Through Visibility, Context, and Simplicity

This white paper describes the benefits of using the intelligence inside network packets to improve the accuracy and efficiency of security devices and monitoring solutions.

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