E36200 Series Autoranging Bench Power Supply

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 Power Your Next Insight

For more than 50 years, Keysight Technologies. DC power supplies are changing the way engineers prove their design, understand the issues, and ensure product quality. When you need 200 to 400 W of power on the bench, the E36200 series is ready for your application. With low output ripple/noise and layers of device protection, you can test with confidence and power your next insight.

Designed for Your Power-Hungry Devices

The E36200 Series single and dual output power and are intended for your bench applications that require power up to 400 W. Autoranging technology gives you the highest current available at all output voltage. Power devices with up to 40 A (E36233A) or voltage up to 120 V (E36234A) use an auto-parallel or auto-series to internally connect the two outputs into a single output with twice the power. A single output supply can power devices requiring less than 200 W or two devices are powered simultaneously with a dual output power supply.

  • E36231A: Autoranging DC Power Supply 30V, 20A, 200W
  • E36232A: Autoranging DC Power Supply 60V, 10A, 200W
  • E36233A: Dual Output Autoranging DC Power Supply 30V, 20A, 400W
  • E36234A: Dual Output Autoranging DC Power Supply 60V, 10A, 400W

The E36200 Series is fully SCPI programmable power supplies with built-in USB, LAN, and optional GPIB interfaces. Advance features include data logging, LIST mode, and synchronization through input and output triggers. High current applications benefit from an adjustable slew rate and remote 4-wire sense. Adjustable slew rate is necessary to avoid large inrush currents while remote sense ensures the correct output voltage at the DUT compensating for losses in the leads due to the higher currents.


Clean, reliable power

  • Low output ripple and noise
  • Excellent programming/readback accuracy
  • Excellent line/load regulation
  • 2-wire or 4-wire remote sense
  • Over voltage, over current, and over temperature protection

Convenient benchtop capabilities

  • Thermal-control fan speed for lower acoustic noise
  • Auto series/parallel connections
  • Front and rear output terminal

Intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces

  • 4.3-inch LCD color display
  • Color coded channels
  • Individual knobs for voltage and current
  • E3633A and E3634A code compatible
  • LAN (LXI), USB and GPIB (optional)

Advance characterization

  • Data logging
  • Output sequencing
  • LIST mode
  • Low range current measurement
  • Adjustable voltage slew rate

Confidently supply your DUT with clean, reliable power

Making meaningful measurements starts with powering your device correctly. The E36200 Series provides clean power with less than 350 μVrms ripple and noise. Precise output control allows voltage set with 0.03% accuracy and current set with 0.1% accuracy. Similar readback accuracy allows precision measurements to be made from the front panel, eliminating the need for an external multimeter. For currents, a low measurement range of less than 100 mA improves the measurement resolution and accuracy. Load and line regulation better than 0.01% ensure a steady output when power line and load changes occur, giving you more peace of mind.

Improved measurement accuracy with 4-wire sensing

To further improve the voltage regulation and measurement accuracy of the DC outputs, the E36200 Series offers you a 4-wire remote sensing capability along with the convenience or 2-wire local sensing on all outputs. Remote sensing requires the addition of a second set of leads to monitor the voltage at the test device. It is particularly useful for compensating for the voltage drops in the power leads when using the higher output currents. Internal relays ease switching between 2-wire local sensing and 4-wire remote sensing thus eliminating the need for shorting bars or jumpers commonly found on other bench power supplies.

Reduce space, cost, and noise with convenient benchtop capabilities

The two outputs on the E36233A and E36234A are controllable independently and are completely isolated. You are getting two power supplies in one instrument which saves maintenance cost. It also saves space on the bench as you can power up multiple analog/digital circuitries or devices with a single instrument.

The two outputs on these models can also set to series or parallel mode on the front panel to double the current up to 40 A (E36233A) and voltage up to 120 V (E36234A). The binding posts on the E36233A are specifically designed to handle high current, ensuring the safety of your setup.

The E36200 Series automatically lowers the fan speed under the load/ no-load condition to eliminate annoying acoustic noise through a thermal control circuit.

Simplify set up and operation with an intuitive and easy-to-use front-panel interface and connectivity

The 4.3-inch LCD color display shows the voltage and current of all channels with different views. Color coding of the knobs, display, and binding posts help avoid setup and connection errors. Two individual knobs for voltage and current with rotary encoder control for precise setting and instrument keypad allows quick adjustments and configurations in less time.

The E36200 Series also gives you rear output terminals for easy wiring, which is ideal for both bench and system setup.

All models support operation via, SCPI (standard commands for programmable instruments) programming language, IVI (interchangeable virtual instruments) driver, web browser, or BenchVue. The E36200 Series ships standard with LAN and USB. GPIB is also an available option.

Data logging, output sequencing, and slew rate adjustment for increased productivity

You can easily create data logging measurements over a specific time frame. The E36200 Series simultaneously logs data on all DC outputs, both voltage and current measurements, spaced by a programmable sample period, to the large color display and a file. Export the data logger display in PNG and BMP file formats or export the time-stamped data as a .CSV file for reports and documentation. The built-in memory allows logging data without a USB drive.

You can simulate power problems or normal operation with either sequencing or list mode. Sequence each channel on the E36200 Series individually to turn on or turn off with a delay. Generate complex sequences of output changes with rapid, precise timing synchronized with internal or external signals by using LIST mode. The adjustable voltage slew rate allows easy control on the speed at which the output slews from one voltage to another. All these are programmable through the front panel or computer control for maximum productivity.


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