High-Speed Digital Design Software

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PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS) for signal integrity (SI) and power integrity (PI) is built to handle the challenges of today’s high-data rate, densely-routed, complex printed circuit board (PCB) designs.

Future-Ready Memory Design

The next generation of double data rate (DDR) memories, such as DDR5 and GDDR6, deliver significant performance. These standards also introduce new SI challenges. Designers must generate IBIS-AMI models for receivers, extract accurate electromagnetic (EM) models of the DDR channel, and predict margin to the eye-mask at specific bit error rates. 

PathWave ADS for memory design minimizes the engineering effort required to set up and extract EM models, simulate buses, and perform compliance testing. With the combined capabilities of Memory Designer and SIPro, you can set up your end-to-end DDR analysis five times faster than before. 

Signal Integrity for High-Speed Serial

Each new digital standard brings faster speeds and higher frequencies.  Signal integrity engineers need to have confidence in their channel design, including optimal via design, managing crosstalk, signal loss, jitter, and equalization. 

With advanced channel simulation in PathWave ADS, you can simulate for pulsed amplitude modulation (PAM-4, PAM-3, and PAM-N) signaling schemes. Complemented by fast and accurate signal integrity EM analysis, you can achieve 100% board success by catching critical errors before build-out.

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Power Integrity with High Speed Digital Design

Power Integrity: More Than Just DC

With lower voltages, higher currents, and multiple supplies, power integrity issues can be difficult to troubleshoot and cost thousands of dollars to fix. Overcoming this challenge requires a cohesive design flow for frequency and time-domain analysis of power distribution networks (PDNs).  With Keysight’s PI design workflow, you can visualize the worst-case ripple caused by a dynamic load and engineer an optimum low-noise PDN.

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