6800 Series Performance AC Sources / Analyzers

Meet your AC test needs with a programmable AC power source

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An Integrated, Programmable AC Source Test Solution

The Keysight 6800 series performance AC power source / analyzers combine the features of a power amplifier and arbitrary waveform generator in a single instrument. This enables you to design and verify your product's correct operation under a wide range of AC power inputs that simulate real-world power scenarios.

  • Accurately analyze your AC power environment with integrated waveform generation and harmonic capabilities
  • Increase your productivity with programmable AC power source measurement capabilities
  • Lower your cost of ownership with global support and the longest standard warranty in the industry
  • Simulate your desired AC environment with integrated transient waveform generation

AC Power Solution with Powerful Built-In Measurement

Eliminate the need for multiple complex measurement instruments when you take advantage of these extensive 16-bit precision measurement capabilities:

  • RMS, DC, AC + DC voltage and current
  • Peak voltage and current
  • Real, apparent, and reactive power
  • Total harmonic distortion (THD)

Key Specifications

Output Power

375 – 1750 VA

Maximum Frequency

1 kHz

DC Voltage Range

+/-425 V

Voltage Range

300 Vrms



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