• Low-side wideband current waveform measurements with an SMA connector
  • Series widest standalone measurement bandwidth up to 200 MHz
  • Dynamic current measurements from 100 pA level to 20 mA
  • Offset adjustable transimpedance technology
  • Low burden voltage by low input resistance: 4 Ω typical or 50 Ω typical

The CX1103A is a dedicated current sensor for the CX3300 series and enables the widest bandwidth current measurements up to 200 MHz. The minimum measurable dynamic current is 100 pA level, with low burden voltage. This sensor is designed to measure current waveforms at the low-side of the circuit, which means the SMA connector’s outer conductor is connected to the circuit common. It also allows the addition of low noise DC offset current so that small waveforms on relatively large DC bias current can be clearly measured.

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