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B1500A Semiconductor Device Parameter Analyzer/Semiconductor Characterization System Mainframe

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Typically Configured Price US$ 66,453

Typical Configuration

B1500A Semiconductor Device Analyzer Mainframe

  • R-55A-001-1 KeysightCare Assured First Year Support
  • B1500A-030 3m cable length (for mainframe bundled cables and for package options)
  • B1500A-A02 Standard Pack 2 -High Resolution Package (High Resolution unit 4ea, Cables)
  • B1500A-060 60Hz Line Frequency
  • B1500A-0B0 Download the Product Manual from the Keysight website
  • E3332C-903 Power Cord - United States and Canada (120V)
  • R-51B-001-C Return to Keysight Warranty - 1 year

Typically Configured Price US$ 66,453


Prices for: United States

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Key Features & Specifications

Measurement capabilities

  • Current-voltage (IV) measurement capabilities of spot, sweep, sampling and pulse measurement in the range of 0.1 fA - 1 A / 0.5 µV - 200 V
  • AC capacitance measurement in multi frequency from 1 kHz to 5 MHz and Quasi-Static Capacitance-Voltage (QS-CV) measurement capabilities
  • Advanced pulsed IV and ultra-fast IV measurement capability from minimum 5 ns sampling interval (200 MSa/s)
  • Up to 40 V high voltage pulse forcing for non-volatile memory evaluation

EasyEXPERT group+ software

  • EasyEXPERT group+ characterization environment is available either on mainframe with 15 inch touch screen (embedded Windows 10) or on user’s PC
  • Multiple measurement modes for quick setup and measurement execution (application test, classic test, tracer test, quick test and oscilloscope view)
  • Graphical display, automated analysis capabilities and data generation to Excel and image for analysis and reporting
  • EasyEXPERT group+ can be installed on as many PCs as you need without additional charge to take advantage of offline personal analyzer environment among users in your department.

Mainframe features

  • Configurable and upgradeable measurement modules up to 10 slots in a box
  • 15-inch wide touch screen supports intuitive GUI operation of the EasyEXPERT group+
  • Windows Embedded Standard 10 (WES10)
  • GPIB, USB, LAN interfaces, and VGA video output port


Keysight B1500A Semiconductor Device Analyzer of Precision Current-Voltage Analyzer Series is an all in one analyzer supporting IV, CV, pulse/dynamic IV and more, which is designed for all-round characterization from basic to cutting-edge applications. It provides a wide range of measurement capabilities to cover the electrical characterization and evaluation of devices, materials, semiconductors, active/passive components, or virtually any other type of electronic device with uncompromised measurement reliability and efficiency. In addition, the B1500A’s modular architecture with ten available slots allows you to add or upgrade measurement modules if your measurement needs change over time.

Keysight EasyEXPERT group+ GUI based characterization software is available either on the B1500A’s embedded Windows 10 platform with 15-inch touch screen or on your PC to accelerate the characterization tasks. It supports efficient and repeatable device characterization in the entire characterization process from measurement setup and execution to analysis and data management either interactive manual operation or automation across a wafer in conjunction with a semiautomatic wafer prober. EasyEXPERT group+ makes it easy to perform complex device characterization immediately with hundreds of ready-to-use measurements (application tests) furnished, and allows you the option of storing test condition and measurement data automatically after each measurement in a unique built-in database (workspace), ensuring that valuable information is not lost and that measurements can be repeated at a later date. Keysight B1500A provides the complete solution for device characterization with these versatile capabilities.

Ready to use application libraries

Device Type Application Tests
CMOS Transistor Id-Vg, Id-Vd, Vth, breakdown, capacitance, QSCV, etc.
Bipolar Transistor Ic-Vc, diode, Gummel plot, breakdown, hfe, capacitance, etc.
Discrete device Id-Vg, Id-Vd, Ic-Vc, diode, etc.
Memory Vth, capacitance, endurance test, etc.
Power device Pulsed Id-Vg, pulsed Id-Vd, breakdown, etc.
Nano Device Resistance, Id-Vg, Id-Vd, Ic-Vc, etc.
Reliability test NBTI/PBTI, charge pumping, electro migration, hot carrier injection, J-Ramp, TDDB, etc.
And more And more

You can learn more about B1500A applications here.

Powerful capabilities of EasyEXPERT group+

Measurement capabilities Staircase sweep, multi-channel sweep, pulse sweep, IV sampling, high-speed IV sampling, CV, C-t, C-f, etc.
Switching matrix control B2200, B2201 and E5250 (E5252 card) are supported.
Analysis and data display capabilities List display, X-Y graph (with marker, cursor and line), automatic analysis function, user function, etc.
Data management User workspace management, save/recall measurement data and setting with auto-record feature

For more information about Current-Voltage Analyzer, please visit Precision Current-Voltage Analyzer.