How to Validate Automotive Cybersecurity

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Protecting vehicle components and subsystems with cyberattack emulation

Validating automotive cybersecurity requires connectivity gateways, a test management server, a reconnaissance and fuzzing server, and a library of known vulnerabilities and threats. Automakers must perform controlled cyberattacks, functional cybersecurity tests, protocol fuzzing, and vulnerability scans to exhaustively validate their implementations meet their cybersecurity goals. Testing must cover multiple attack vectors and account for the various automotive communication interfaces including cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, CAN bus, and automotive Ethernet.

To manage cybersecurity risks in vehicle components and subsystems, OEMs must evaluate component and subsystem vulnerabilities against known vulnerabilities and emerging cyber threats. If vulnerabilities are found and remediated, re-verification tests are required to ensure remediations didn't inadvertently introduce new vulnerabilities. A test execution environment helps automate verification testing, improve test coverage, and demonstrate compliance within a cybersecurity management system (CSMS) — as outlined by the ISO / SAE 21434 standard and mandated by regulations such as UN R155.

SA8710A Automotive Cybersecurity Test Soluton

Automotive cybersecurity test solution

Validating the cybersecurity resilience of vehicle components and subsystems requires cyberattack emulation. The Keysight automotive cybersecurity test solution performs controlled cyberattacks, vulnerability scans, and protocol fuzzing on vehicular subsystems and components. It tests across multiple physical interfaces — including Bluetooth®, CAN bus, automotive Ethernet, cellular, and Wi-Fi — and automates test planning, execution, and reporting.

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