• Wireless communications
  • Aerospace and defense


  • Multiple outputs: Five 100 MHz, one 10 MHz and one OCXO
  • Locks to an external reference with a value from 1 to 110 MHz.
  • Many programmatic interfaces enable easy integration into existing test environments

Performance characteristics

  • 1-slot PXIe
  • Low phase noise
  • 100 MHz output amplitude ≥ 10 dBm

The M9300A PXIe frequency reference is a PXIe compatible compact modular instrument that can be used with the Keysight M9301A synthesizer, M9310A source output and M9311A modulator to create the world’s fastest vector signal generator, the M9381A. It can also be used with the M9301A and M9310A to create a CW source, the M9380A or as the 10 MHz or 100 MHz reference with other PXI solutions. Instrument control is provided through a soft front panel and programmatic interfaces tuned to your application development environment of choice.

Uncompromising values

  • Reduces development time and simplifies integration into existing test environments with multiple drivers and programmatic interfaces.
  • Reduces startup time with Keysight IO libraries easy configuration, one-step software install, and soft front panel.
  • Fast repair turn-around time with Calibrated Core Exchange strategy.
M9300A PXIe Frequency Reference

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