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Physical-Layer Characterization, Validation, and Compliance Testing Systems


Today’s enterprise and consumer products are driving the need for faster processing at lower power consumption and pushing your design margins to the extreme. Consumer technologies, communication infrastructure, data centers, pure science, electronic warfare, and quantum computing are driving measurement limits.


Today’s laboratory requires best-in-class measurement and stimulus tools that can help validate test needs now and in the future. The Keysight Infiniium UXR-Series oscilloscope, Infiniium MXR-Series oscilloscope, M8100 Series arbitrary waveform generators (AWG), the J-BERT M8020A, M8040A, and M8050A high performance bit error ratio testers (BERT), and Keysight DCA sampling oscilloscopes are invaluable tools for testing and validating complex signals.


From physical-layer characterization to validation and compliance testing solutions, Keysight’s high-performance digital test tools enable you to design, verify, and characterize each step of your design workflow.


Infiniium UXR-Series Oscilloscope


The Infiniium UXR is the first series of real-time oscilloscopes to offer ultra-high-performance acquisition with 10 bits of high-definition resolution. Designed with upgradability in mind, the UXR will support your current and future designs and test needs.


• Up to 110 GHz bandwidth

• 10-bit hardware analog-to-digital converter (ADC)

• Maximum bandwidth on all channels

• Industry’s lowest noise and best interchannel jitter performance Up to 256 GSa/s sample rate

• Two or four phase-coherent channels per frame

• Up to 40 synchronized channels via Keysight’s MultiScope support

• ENOB from 7.0 to 5.0 (10 GHz to 110 GHz)


Specifications (at max bandwidth)

3.5 mm Models

1.85 mm Models

1 mm Models


10 to 33 GHz

40 to 70 GHz

5, 25, 40, 59 to 110 GHz

Maximum sample rate

128 GSa/s

256 GSa/s

256 GSa/s

Noise at highest sensitivity and bandwidth

< 0.3 mV (rms)

< 0.5 mV (rms)

< 0.9 mV (rms)

ENOB at  400 mVfs average value from DC to full licensed bandwidth of model

from 7.0 to 5.9

from 5.8 to 5.4

from 8.1 to 5.0

Max multiframe channels

40 channels maximum (10 oscilloscopes)

Detectable symbol rate at maximum bandwidth

66 Gbaud

140 Gbaud

220 Gbaud

Vertical sensitivity (hardware) Vertical sensitivity (with zoom)

40 mV to 8 V full scale 1 mV / div to 1 V / div

60 mV to 4 V full scale

1 mV / div to 500 mV / div

60 mV to 4 V full scale

1 mV / div to 500 mV / div

Hardware acquisition / acceleration system

•   2.16 GHz digital downconversion 

•   10-bit ADC      • Equalization and clock recovery

(DDC analysis bandwidth)

•   Phase Noise Measurement     • 5 to 10 GHz mmWave frequency extensions    •  Real-time eye plotting and averaging


•   Bandwidth (from 5, 10, 13, 16, 20, 25, 33, 40, 50, 59, 70, 80, 100 to 110 GHz)

•   Memory from 500 Mpts / CH to 1 Gpts or 2 Gpts

•   1, 2, to 4 channels


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