CI/CD – Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

Test and visibility throughout the CI/CD lifecycle

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The Agile Model for Faster Deployments

Software-defined networks (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) technologies represent a huge shift in deployment speed and efficient utilization of networking hardware. But, getting there can be a long, difficult journey. To deploy faster, organizations have adopted an agile development model – a process where developers can integrate new code into a realistic environment to evaluate its stability and security. Done well, it leads to faster deployments.

Virtualize with Assurance: Lab to Production 20% Faster

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) is one form of agile development. Leading organizations have adopted the model to help speed the migration of network functions from hardware to software. By aligning every phase of CI/CD, you can rapidly identify and resolve issues.

So, what is needed to ensure rapid service delivery while providing the level of reliability and performance your business demands?

In development, you need test tools that provide the agility required by your DevOps teams. These test tools seamlessly integrate into the CI/CD test pipeline. In deployment, you need unified visibility across your virtual and physical infrastructures. This visibility will help you spot and troubleshoot issues faster.

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Unified Testing and Visibility From Lab to Production

The key to faster deployments is having the test capabilities integrated into the CI/CD test pipeline. Tests need to be virtualized, deployable, configurable, and executable across multiple virtualization environments of private, hybrid, and public cloud infrastructures. Integration and support for OpenStack-based provisioning is key. Keysight offers a range of virtual test solutions to validate Layer 2 and 3 networking, Layer 4 and 7 realistic traffic loads, and the widest range of cyber attacks—all seamlessly integrated into the CI/CD test pipeline.

With Keysight’s tools, you can test and monitor network traffic to see how resources perform, and watch for bottlenecks. Keysight brings versatility, scale, and realism to help you test under varying conditions. With the power to replay captured traffic from production while simulating millions of subscribers using hundreds of applications, you can validate private, hybrid, and public cloud infrastructures. Once in production, Keysight’s unified visibility solutions across your virtual and physical infrastructures help you accelerate identification and resolution of issues.

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