Simulate Vector Network Analyzer Instrument Operations on Your PC

Get flexible S-parameter analysis on your computer. Dive deeper into measurements captured on a network analyzer or develop and optimize test programs before deploying them onto an instrument.. Choose from three versions of the vector network analyzer (VNA) simulator software below. Requires Windows 10, 64-bit

Free Data Viewer

  • Excellent tool for learning about the VNA capabilities and functions, suitable for university classes or technical training
  • Recall S2P files, CitiFiles, as well as saved instrument states
  • Retrieve and display data for viewing and analysis
  • The free data viewer is included in the VNA firmware

Standard: S94050B VNA Simulator

  • Enable the remote SCPI control of standard S-parameter channel and functions
  • Test your remote-control programs without VNA hardware
  • Test your programs against different models of Keysight VNAs
  • Optimize test programs before deploying them onto an instrument
  • Evaluate changes to your test code on the VNA simulator (i.e. regression testing)

Advanced: S94051B VNA Simulator

  • Enables the simulation of most VNA applications (S93/S95/S96/S97xxx) including Gain Compression, Spectrum Analysis, Differential IQ, Intermodulation Distortion (IMD) among others

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