Additions/Changes for Version A.14.70.03 . . . (compiled  Feb 26, 2021)
• (Bug Fix) When receiver ATT setting is updated using SCPI command (SOUR<ch>:POW<port>:ATT:REC:TEST) in Modulation Class, the setting on the setup GUI is not updated correctly.
• (Bug fix) With S95553B, the firmware may crash if you select 5 or 7 port.
• (Bug fix) The firmware may crash at startup when you update it from old firmware.
• (Bug fix) With S94050B/51B simulator, SMC class for M937xA and LFE softkey are missing
• (Bug fix) SENS:CORR:COLL:CKIT:CLIST SA,1  command sets not only STD1, but also STD2,STD3 as OPEN
• (Bug fix) When loading a cal kit using SENS:CORR:CKIT:LOAD commands, both P937x and M937x return the error No. 191.
• (Bug fix) SENS:PATH:CONF:ELEM:CAT? returns incorrect name of configurable elements
• (Bug fix) With S95553B, the receiver gain low flag does not work properly.
• (Bug fix) CSET:FIXT:CHAR sometimes fails the estimation of DC phase
• (Bug fix) Some settings (Converted Z, Apply Fixtures and Enable Z Conversion) on Balanced Setup dialog are not applied as expected.
• (Bug fix) Search type dropdown menu in marker search dialog is not updated in a timely manner
• (Bug fix) The firmware may crash when measuring an internal ADC within the GCX channel.
• (Bug fix) SENS:PATH:CONF:ELEM:STAT "PulseModPort1","Enable" enables port 2 instead of port 1
Additions/Changes for Version A.14.70.02 . . . (compiled  Feb 8, 2021, This version is not listed on the previous firmware)
• Support M9810A option D2E of M981xAS.
• (Bug fix) Firmware freezes when 'SYST:UNC:LOAD "string"' is sent.
• (Bug fix) Pulse modulation of port 2 turns off after sending SENSe:SWEep:PULSe:MASTer:WIDth.
• (Bug fix) Multi Module Phase Cal macro is not re-executable
• (Bug fix) Firmware crashes with :SYSTem:ERRor:COUNt? called.
• (Bug fix) Recalling SNP file with BAL parameters does not display correct data.
•  (Bug fix) Dummy DUT Tool macro for simulator is registered twice after editing macro.
Additions/Changes for VersionA.14.70.01 . . . (compiled Jan 13, 2021)
• Support the multi-source capability for module/unit configuration (M980xA/P50xxA)
• Support the S9x015B Real-time S-Parameter and Power Measurement Uncertainty (M980xA/P50xxA)
• Support the S9x460B Integrated True Mode Stimulus Application (M980xA/P50xxA)
• Enhance the Fixture Simulator
• Support the reference signal input on the PXI backplane.(M980xA)
• Support the Noise Figure Converter for S9x029A/B (M980xA/P50xxA)
•  Support the Gain Compression Converter for S9x086A/B (M980xA/P50xxA)
• Support the S97xxxB application model (P50xxA)
• Support the S94050B/51B VNA simulator
• Support for USB Noise Source (M980xA/P50xxA)
• Add I/O adapter signal assignment GUI (M980xA/P50xxA)
• Add Log Y-Axis and Complex Graph
• Add CONT:HAND:IND:LOG to set the logic of the index signal 

Additions/Changes for Version A.14.30.06 . . . (compiled Dec 10, 2020)
• Supports M980xA/P50xxA-option 190 Vector signal analysis hardware
• (Bug Fix)Receiver Leveling / Power servo may not converge due to discontinuity of Step ATT
• (Bug Fix) External Device states are shared by all site in the multi-site configuration
• (Bug Fix) In SA measurement, Modulation state cannot be turned off by the channel
• (Bug Fix) In SA measurement, Start/Stop value flashes during Receiver Leveling sweep
• (Bug Fix) In SA measurement, Warning occurs and sweep stops when segment sweep is selected.
• (Bug Fix) In Modulation Class, Changing Center Frequency by softkey changes Span and it takes long to sweep.
• (Bug Fix) In Modulation Class, Shorter pulse width than required pulse width can be set
• (Bug Fix) In Modulation Class, Waning is shown even though LO feedthru cal is succeeded.
• (Bug Fix) In Modulation Class, MOD CalAll + De-embed Adapter skips the Delta IF cal step
• (Bug Fix) Differential snp file does not recall correctly. Recalled parameters are single ended parameter.
• (Bug Fix) CONTrol:HANDler:EXTension:INDex:LOGic Negative does not work.
• (Bug Fix) Fixturing - Firmware Crash after enabling de-embedding on Receiver Only Trace with no cal
• (Bug Fix) Firmware crash when setting PEXT to nonzero value after PEXT enabled
• (Bug Fix) Smart Cal does not show the smith chart after port 10.
• (Bug Fix) Defining Two Thru in calkit does not work. It requires both THRU executions.
• (Bug Fix) In TDR measurement, the stimulus amplitude unexpectedly changes after DLC
• (Bug Fix) Negative values are not accepted for port extension time or distance.
• (Bug Fix) When recall s2p file with power sweep, the frequency information is lost
• (Bug Fix) CALC:MEAS:MARK:DIST works in query but cannot set the value
• (Bug Fix) In TDR measurement, X-scaling is wrong after lowing maximum frequency limit

Additions/Changes for Version A.14.30.03 . . . (compiled Oct 26, 2020)
(Caution) A.14.30.03 supports only M980xA and P50xxA. Use A.14.10.xx for E5080B, M937xA, P937xA, M9485A.
• Support M9810A and M9336A in Modulation Distortion (M980xA)
• Add LO Feedthru Monitor in Modulation Distortion (M980xA)

Additions/Changes for Version A.14.10.13 . . . (compiled Sep 26, 2020)
• (Bug Fix) Response Tracking correction data is incorrect at high gain setting.
• (Bug Fix) CALC:MEAS:MARK:DIST works correctly in query but not for setting.

Additions/Changes for Version A.14.10.12 . . . (compiled Aug 25, 2020)
• (Bug Fix) Crash on saving the citifile on the Differential IQ channel
• (Bug Fix) Crash during ECal with averaging in remote.
• (Bug Fix) P50xxA PC bluescreens periodically every few hours when using USB VNA
• (Bug Fix) Group Delay Aperture softkey causes crash if no trace.
• (Bug Fix) File reading failed error on Cal Pod recorrect
• (Bug Fix) SA application locks up after a trace is deleted and a new trace is added
• (Bug Fix) SA application crashed with Span 10GHz, RBW 30Hz on the multi-module configuration

Additions/Changes for Version A.14.10.08 . . . (compiled July 31, 2020)
• Support S95089B Differential and I/Q device measurements (M980xA)
• Support S97089A Differential and I/Q device measurements (P50xxA)
• Support E5071C Code Emulator (P937xA)
• Support Data Viewer
• (Bug Fix) System calibration for receiver compression at HIGH gain works wrongly.
• (Bug Fix) Adding new channel in advanced mode breaks TDR stimulus setting
• (Bug Fix) TDR causes error at start-up when DIF1/DIF2
• (Bug Fix) FOM softkey cannot be enabled
• (Bug Fix) NF Fixture Turn On Crash with non-default port setting
• (Bug Fix) TDR Auto DUT length does not work correctly
• (Bug Fix) Fatal Error on USB VNA after long time operation
• (Bug Fix) PXI modules are not detected at 2x8 Configuration
• (Bug Fix) Waveform does not change after the parameter change with CALC:FSIM:BAL:PAR:BBAL:DEF
• (Bug Fix) Cal All cannot run Ecal vector cal without doing a power sensor calibration

Additions/Changes for Version A.14.10.03 . . . (compiled Apr 15, 2020)
• Support the M9815A/16A/17A/18A VNA Receivers.
• Support Enhanced Time Domain Analysis. (M980xA/P50xxA)
• Support Modulation Distortion (M980xA)
• Support Multiport Calibration Assistant (M980xA/P50xxA)
• Support Multiport Calibrated Measurements with Switch (M980xA/P50xxA)
• Support PXI and Streamline Series (USB) switches, M9164A/B, M9165A/B, P9164A/B and P9165A/B
• Support S9xxxxB application software for floating/USB portable licenses. (M980xA)
• Support Multisite (M98xxA)
• Fixed Gain Cal (M980xA/P50xxA)
• Support Cal Pods
• Support U205xXA/U206xXA Series USB Power Sensors.
• Support the following items in the spectrum analysis. (M980xA/P50xxA)
      • Noise Power Ratio (NPR) measurement
      • Coherent Averaging Tab
      • Pulsed SA (Trigger & Pulse Tab, Pulse settings in source Tab)
      • Dual Band Configuration in advance tab
      • SA analysis marker

Additions/Changes for Version A.13.90.15 . . . (compiled Apr 09, 2020)
• (Bug Fix) "Execution error" occurs when performing Response Cal, 2port THRU.
• (Bug Fix) USB Power Sensor doesn't work with A.13.90.06

Additions/Changes for Version A.13.90.09 . . . (compiled Dec 18, 2019)
Minor bug fixes

Additions/Changes for Version A.13.90.07 . . . (compiled Nov 21, 2019)
New: Supports S9x083A Vector and Scalar Mixer/Converter Measurements
Several bug fixes

Additions/Changes for Version A.13.90.06 . . . (compiled Sep 5, 2019)
New: (M980xA/P50xxA) Supports the second source
New: (M9808A/P50x8A) Maximum settable frequency is extended up to 54 GHz (Recalibration is required for units shipped with older version.)
New: (M980xA/P50xxA) Device Expert
New: (M980xA) Supports PXI switches, M9155C/CH40,M9156C/CH40, M9157C/CH40
New: (M980xA/P50xxA) Source Power Alignment tool
New: (M980xA/P50xxA) PLL Bandwidth selection for better phase noise (command only)
New: (M980xA/P50xxA) SA Multi Module Calibration tool
New: (M980xA/P50xxA) I/O adapter channel based control
New: (M980xA/P50xxA) List-sweep mode in trigger mode for external source
New: (M980xA/P50xxA) E5071C code emulator
New: Supports M9370A to 75A and P9370A to 75A

Additions/Changes for Version A.13.70.07 . . . (compiled June 24, 2019)
Bug Fix: Firmware crashes when SENS:CORR:COLL:GUID:ACQ STAN1 is executed.
Bug Fix: Firmware crashes when SENS:CORR:CSET:ACTivate is executed.
Bug Fix: Firmware crashes when user runs multiple guided calibration sessions using the SCPI command "DIAG:VVNA:CAP:SWG:HLC ON".
Bug Fix: Firmware crashes when CALC:FSIM:BAL:DEV CUST is executed.
Bug Fix: Firmware crashes if setting SE-SE-BAL-BAL topology and turning Matching circuit or Port Z conv is ON.
Bug Fix: Firmware cannot launch after FPGA update failure.
Bug Fix: Transmission tracking error term for "HIGH" receiver gain mode is noisy when high loss thru standard is used at unknown thru calibration.
Bug Fix: 12 port switched gain calibration fails.
Bug Fix: Gain error coefficients are not displayed in Error Term in1 port calibration.
Bug Fix: [NF] Source switch state is not correctly set during calibration, source match measurement.

Additions/Changes for Version A.13.70.02 . . . (compiled Apr 10, 2019)
New: Supports M9805A, M9806A, M9807A, M9808A, P5005A, P5006A, P5007A, P5008A, P5020A, P5021A, P5022A, P5023A, P5024A, P5025A, P5026A, P5027A, P5028A, E5080B

Additions/Changes for Version A.13.40.02 . . . (compiled Feb 08, 2019)
New: Supports M9800A, M9801A, M9802A, M9803A, M9804A, P5000A, P5001A, P5002A, P5003A, P5004A