Never Sacrifice Capability or Portability

Field testing modern communications networks puts new demands on your equipment and requires trade-offs between capabilities and portability. With over 25 measurement capabilities in one portable, battery-powered unit, FieldFox is the most capable handheld analyzer in the industry. Stay ahead of changing measurement requirements by upgrading your handheld analyzer in the field with convenient, user-installable license keys.

Select the functionality you need today and add more features as your needs change.

FieldFox RF Analyzer Software

Offering 25+ license-key activated software applications.

Interference Analyzer and Spectogram software screenshot

Spectrum Analysis

  • Real-time spectrum analyzer (RTSA)
  • Analog demodulation
  • Interference hunting
  • IQ analyzer
2 port s parameters software screenshot

Cable and Antenna Testing (CAT)

  • Vector network analysis (VNA)
  • 2 port S-parameters
  • TDR Cable Measurements
RTSA Interference hunting on FieldFox Handheld Analyzer

5G / LTE Field Testing

  • EMF Measurements
  • Over-the-air (OTA) testing
  • Channel Scanner
  • Wideband Analysis
Pulse Measurement with USB Peak Power Sensor software

Power Measurements

  • USB Power Sensor Measurements
  • Built-in Power Meter
  • Pulse Measurements
  • Peak Power Sensor
Indoor and Outdoor Mapping for data collection


  • Remote Control
  • GPS Receiver
  • Indoor/Outdoor Mapping
  • DC Bias Variable Voltage Source


  • Frequency coverage up to 50 GHz
  • Bandwidth up to 10 MHz
  • Minimum phase noise at 10 kHz: -111 dBc/Hz (typical)
  • Minimum DANL at 2 GHz: -158 dBm (typical, preamp on)


  • Frequency coverage up to 54 GHz
  • Bandwidth up to 120 MHz
  • 5G NR demodulation capabilities
  • Minimum phase noise at 10 kHz: -117 dBc/Hz (typical)
  • Minimum DANL at 2 GHz: -163 dBm (typical, preamp on)

Remote Field Monitoring:

Control your spectrum, measure utilization, and identify interference, all in a single software platform.

FieldFox serves as an all-in-one monitoring device for interference hunting, including last-mile testing and locating interference sources.

Buy One FieldFox, Get Two Software Free

Do you work with radio frequency (RF) cable trouble-shoots, over-the-air (OTA) wireless communications, analog radio, or electromagnetic interference (EMI) pre-compliance testing? Claim your offer today!

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Buy One Get Two Featured Software

Distance To Fault screenshot

TDR Cable Measurements

Identify the location and nature of faults along cables using time-domain reflectometry measurements.

Built in GNSS / GPS Receiver software screenshot

GSSN / GPS Receiver

Attach geolocation tags to measurements with a built-in GNSS/GPS receiver.

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) measurement on FieldFox Handheld Analyzer

EMI Measurements

Evaluate Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) pre-compliance limits and perform regulatory audits. 

Analog Demodulation software

Analog Demodulation

Demodulate and characterize AM and FM signals of radio frequency (RF) transmitters.

FieldFox Analyzer Software and System Features

Remote control capability with iPad and iPhone

Engineers and technicians can now remotely monitor and control their FieldFox using their iOS device such as an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. FieldFox’s Remote Viewer iOS app emulates the front panel of the unit, letting you simply press any FieldFox key right from your iOS device. The app also allows you to instantly access technical documents such as data sheets.

FieldFox’s Data Link software makes report generation and documentation easier

FieldFox’s complimentary Data Link software provides data transfer, data definition and report generation. You can add markers and limit lines to traces, and you can load cable files and antenna factors using Data Link.

Remote control via LAN and FieldFox programming

All FieldFox models can be controlled using SCPI over LAN and USB.

Built-in variable voltage DC bias

FieldFox has a built-in variable voltage DC bias source. The DC bias source can provide DC power to amplifiers under test and bias tower mounted amplifiers (TMA) when you need to sweep through the TMA to reach the antenna (bias tees available separately).

Built-in GNSS/GPS

A built-in GNSS/GPS receiver provides geo- location tags to measurements. The geo data-time, latitude, longitude, and elevation-can be displayed and saved in data files. In addition to location information, the GPS provides an external reference to improve FieldFox frequency accuracy.

USB keyboard and mouse support

FieldFox supports use of USB keyboards and mice to simplify the input of text such as file names while working in the field.

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