The S8705A RF/RRM DVT and Conformance Toolset provides up-to-date and comprehensive access to 5G NR and C-V2X RF and RRM conformance test cases as defined in 3GPP TS 38.521-1-4 (5G NR RF), 3GPP TS 38.533 (5G NR RRM) and 3GPP TS 36.521 (C-V2X based on LTE) to ensure mobile devices perform as expected on a live mobile network.

The S8705A is an approved test platform for device certification at GCF and PTCRB that supports both TDD and FDD and all relevant bands in both sub-6GHz (FR1) and mmWave (FR2) frequencies.

The toolset offers:

  • Comprehensive access to GCF and PTCRB RF test cases in conformance mode
  • Tools to customize test cases by adding new test points, modifying channel Bandwidth, test frequencies, and other parameters, to go beyond industry requirements defined by 3GPP in the DVT mode
  • Modular and scalable software and hardware platform
  • Access to approximately 80% of total validated test cases in the Benchtop configuration, both FR1 and FR2
  • Flexible licensing infrastructure that allow optimal asset utilization
  • Comprehensive campaign management
  • Advanced logging features that enable rapid debugging of test case failures
  • Unattended test campaign execution with device automation

The S8705A RF/RRM DVT and Conformance Toolset is part of Keysight’s 5G Network Emulation Solution portfolio. A compact solution that supports the entire RF testing needs of the GCF and PTCRB certification bodies, the S8705A RF/RRM DVT and Conformance Toolset easily scales with the Keysight S8707A 5G RF/RR Carrier Acceptance Toolset which delivers complementary coverage for supplementary test plans defined by Mobile Network Operators.

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