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All Your SMU Needs Packed Within a 1U Rack Space

Overcome your test and validation challenges with the PZ2100 source measure unit (SMU) solution. Focus more on characterization and less on synchronization, with multiple SMU module options and up to 20 SMU channels within a 1U rack space. Speed time-to-market with less programming, simplified system integration, and application-specific measurement capabilities.

  • Provides 5x higher channel density than conventional SMUs, offers 20 channels in 1U full-width rack space.
  • Delivers 5 SMU module options and integrated pulser / digitizer for flexible scalability.
  • Offers single-box solution with <50 ns synchronization accuracy on all 20 channels.
  • Provides seamless operation and superior user experience through PathWave IV Curve Measurement software.
  • Supplies user-friendly graphical user interface that collectively manages up to 20 channels maximum.
  • Performs static DC measurements down to 10 fA and pulsed measurements up to 15 MSa/s.

Flexible Solution for Faster Workflows

Remove organizational test challenges with the PZ2100 high-channel density precision SMU solution. Meet all your evolving test system requirements with the 5 available SMU module options flexibly configurable and upgradable in the 1U, 4-slot mainframe. Address your application-specific needs with any module combination ranging from high-speed, high-resolution, and high-density SMUs. This flexibility reduces your system bring-up time while removing the need for multiple capital investments for every new project.

Key Specifications

Number of Channels

20 Channels / 1U

Maximum Voltage

210 V

Sampling Rate

15 MSa/s


10 fA

Pulse Width

10 us

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Learn how the new PZ2100 SMU solution helps you overcome key challenges in application-specific tests, including low-power integrated circuits test, low-current LED test, VCSEL sensor and module test, narrow-pulsed LIV test, DC bias sourcing tests for optical receivers and modulators, datacenter applications, and more.

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