The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is changing the way industries work. Factories once defined by a complex system of buildings, machinery, and workers operating machines and manufacturing goods is now giving way to automation and intelligence. Boots on the ground are being replaced by robots.

Redefine Industry with Intelligence

The Industrial IoT brings together intelligent machines connected by wireless communications technologies with people and data. It allows exponential amounts of data on virtually anything that occurs in a plant to be collected, analyzed, and used to drive faster more meaningful business decisions. It has a dramatic impact on the operational efficiency and productivity of industries worldwide. That impact is already being felt.

IIoT devices are today being used to monitor valves that control gas flow to flare stacks in oil refineries and to detect steam trap problems at corn mills. That is just the beginning. Tomorrow, IIoT devices may be embedded in industrial robots and used during production to measure and record data regarding the robot’s performance and throughput. Whatever your vision of IIoT in your plant, Keysight's test solutions can help pave the way.

Ensure IoT Time Sensitive Network Operation

Ethernet’s popularity in the Information Technology industry has propelled its adoption into the Industrial IoT arena, primarily for automation and process control (Factory 4.0). Making Ethernet work in this environment requires technology enhancements like a new signaling protocol and traffic control mechanisms. Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) is one such enhancement, allowing companies to use standard Ethernet to implement a more cost-effective network. TSN enables minimum latency over Ethernet, seamless redundancy, and centralized configuration and control.

For those companies implementing TSN, one key question arises: How do you ensure that Ethernet enhanced for TSN achieves the same level of performance and quality of the legacy connectivity, while allowing a converged IT/OT network? Keysight's solutions provide the answer to that question by allowing you to accurately validate your IoT TSN implementation.

See into the Network of Your Industrial IoT Ecosystem

Automated manufacturing and mechatronic development have made manufacturing efficient and reliable, but there is a challenge. How can you be sure that the network your industrial IoT devices connect to is secure, efficient, and reliable? And, as that network scales, how can you be sure it is able to handle unpredictable bursts of traffic, without impacting connectivity or causing outages in the plant? Your network’s stability and reliability must be guaranteed. With our visibility solution, you get the information you need to verify that your network is reliable, secure, and operating at optimal efficiency. Our network performance solution generates real-world traffic that allows you to fully test the performance of your networks.

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