Functional Testing Solution for IoT Devices — A New Way to Achieve Faster Time to Market, At A Lower Cost

The Keysight X8711A is a unique integrated solution which measures important RF performance indicators of your IoT device while it is operating normally with production-release software. This ensures that your device is sufficiently tested for manufacturing defects including missing or wrong components, solder issues and more, without the need of complex or expensive test systems.

The X8711A consists of the Keysight 34972A data acquisition/data logger switch unit with built-in 6 ½-digit digital multimeter, 34999A RF module and the TAP-based KS83301A /KS83301B Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) 4.2 signaling and KS83302A /KS83302B WLAN b/g/n signaling measurement suites.

  • Test your IoT devices in normal operation mode with the over-the-air signaling test capability
  • Meet quality levels with quantitative measurements, including Input Power Measurement (Device Transmit Power), receiver sensitivity, Packet Error Rate (PER)
  • Simplify test development with the TAP-based measurement suites
  • Maximize throughput and accelerate time to market with easy to setup Input Power measurement and receiver (Rx) PER tests


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