Modular to Meet Your Parametric Measurement Demands

Keysight's modular source measure units (SMU) – E5260A and E5270B – combine versatility and advanced features to optimize testing costs. A variety of price-performance points and the framework to add up to 8 plug-in SMU modules enables a customized solution that can expand as your needs change.

  • Modular SMUs E5260A and E5270B have 8 slots for plug-in modules
  • E5262A and E5263A 2-channel models provide a cost-effective solution
  • Supports medium-power (MPSMU) and high-power (HPSMU) SMUs
  • Analog-to-digital converter speeds up test times and supports true parallel measurement
  • Enhanced program memory accelerates the measurement process
  • E5270B offers unsurpassed parametric measurement performance

Enjoy EasyEXPERT group+ Software

All four SMU modules in the E5260A + E5270A SMU series utilize Keysight's EasyEXPERT group+ Software giving you efficient and repeatable device characterization with ready-to-use parametric measurements functions.

  • Multiple modes and features for quick setup, execution, and analysis
  • Built-in database (workspace) records test data automatically
  • Remote control function supports remote execution of application tests

Key Specifications

Max Operating Range

±200mA / ±200 V

Max SMU Channels


Min Measurement Resolution

0.1 fA / 0.5 μV

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