The Momentum G2 Element includes:

  • Method of Moments (MoM) 3D planar electromagnetic simulator engineered for speed and capacity through advanced NlogN solver technology
  • Multi-threading simulation on 64 bit computers supports up to as many cores as there are on the machine for additional capacity and speed
  • Advanced Model Composer to create custom parameterized EM-based component libraries for fast simulation and optimization
  • Visualization of surface currents and planar antenna radiation in 3D space
  • Optimization of parameterized geometries together with circuit and system components
  • Generates layout look-alike components in schematic for error-free hookup with circuit or system components
  • User selectable microwave full wave or faster RF quasi-static mode EM simulation
  • Adaptive frequency sweep to automatically and quickly find all resonant frequencies across the full simulation frequency band
  • Arbitrary polygonal meshing with adaptive mesh reduction for optimal speed, accuracy, and capacity
  • Thick metal analysis of side wall currents and couplings
  • EM excitation from any circuit or system simulation nodes
  • Drive Momentum Turbo Element parallel simulations on compute clusters for over 6x additional acceleration


The Momentum G2 Element is the improved 2nd generation of the powerful Momentum 3D planar electromagnetic simulator from Keysight EEsof EDA, the technology and innovation leader in high-frequency mixed-signal electronic design automation (EDA). Momemtum G2 is seamlessly integrated into the Advanced Design System (ADS), the only design simulation platform that enables the co-design of IC, package and board in high-frequency and hi-speed applications. It seamlessly integrates system, circuit, full 3D electromagnetic simulation with Keysight’s test instrumentation for you to do single pass successful electronic designs repeatedly.

Momentum G2 is an advanced Method of Moments (MoM) 3D planar electromagnetic simulator, enhanced with the latest NlogN and multi-threading solver algorithms, to deliver the fastest and highest capacity 3D planar EM simulation possible. Integrated within ADS, it allows electromagnetic simulation to be used together with circuit and system co-simulation or co-optimization to account for proximity or radiation effects of planar structures such as traces or printed antennas. Visualization of the results in terms of surface currents or radiated fields provides insights on where to fix problem areas.

Momentum G2 is paired with a ingenious parameterized passive model generation capability called Advanced Model Composer (AMC). AMC enables you to create EM based custom libraries of planar 3D models such as transitions, discontinuities or passive components not available in the standard simulation libraries because of novel geometries or dimensions beyond the range of validity. AMC libraries retain the accuracy of EM simulation but simulate and optimize at the speed of circuit simulation through smart interpolation across the parameterized EM database.

Momentum Turbo further accelerates the simulation of Momentum G2 by over 6x through parallel computing on up to 8 nodes per license of a compute cluster. This is especially useful for large simulations of complex boards or packages for signal integrity applications.

Unlike other planar standalone EM simulators with restrictive rectangular grid meshes or socket-based integration with inconsistent user interfaces, Momentum G2 and Momentum Turbo provide the most efficient and fastest 3D planar EM simulation capability integrated with the industry’s most capable Advanced Design System platform through a common design entry, simulation and optimization user interface. This guarantees you to consistently deliver optimal designs at peak efficiency.

Configuration Information:

Momentum G2 requires the ADS Layout Element as the 2D drawing environment.

Momentum Turbo:

The Momentum Turbo Element:

  • Runs 8 parallel simulations of Momentum on 8 nodes of a computer cluster
  • Requires separate compute cluster management system such as LSF and SunGrid
  • Requires Momentum G2 as the controlling simulator

Functionality Included in this Element

  • Momentum Simulation - Engine 3-D planar electromagnetic (EM) simulator used for passive circuit analysis.
  • Momentum Visualization -  View and animate current flow in conductors and slots.
  • Momentum Optimization - Easy-to-use, automated, geometry-based technique lets designers fine-tune circuit performance.
  • Advanced Model Composer - Brings the accuracy of EM simulation and the speed of analytical models into a single, user-defined, compact model.

Other Related Keysight EEsof Products

  • GoldenGate Momentum Integration - The Momentum G2 Element for Cadence Virtuoso is a 3D planar electromagnetic (EM) simulator used for passive circuit analysis. Integrates seamlessly into the Cadence® Virtuoso® platform.
  • Genesys Momentum GXF & Momentum GX Simulation - For Genesys RF and Microwave Design Software, Momentum GXF is the highest-performance 3D-planar EM simulator with multi-threading Method of Moment analysis engine for speed and NlogN algorithm for high capacity. Robust polygonal meshing allows arbitrary layout shapes to be analyzed efficiently without the contraints of fitting to rectangular grids. Momentum GX is the high-performance integrated 3D-planar EM simulator based on Method-of-Moments analysis technique. It is a subset of Momentum GXF and does not include multi-threading and NlogN solver.

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