• Universal bus test solution that supports PCI Express®, CCIX and SAS.
  • Other standards will be continuously added with the requirements for higher data speed testing
  • Guided setup with automated fast stress signal calibration and compliance measurement functions
  • Characterization mode for in-depth testing
  • Supports real-time parameter changes of amplitude levels, etc.
  • Single and multi-lane device testing
  • One-button compliance capability to simplify the test procedure
  • HTML and / or Microsoft Excel reports for easy post-processing
  • Link training suites available that also feature debugging of DUTs

The Keysight N5991 receiver compliance test automation platform solution is the latest and most advanced software for testing high-speed digital designs across all product development stages.

Supported standards currently include PCIe, CCIX, and SAS but the continuous addition of other standards will allow for the testing of a wider range of digital buses to meet future industry needs.

More productive than its predecessor, the N5991 is built on C# code and Microsoft .NET to ensure fast interaction, calibration and test execution with the highest possible throughput, when combined with on-the-fly amplitude and jitter control. The N5991 increases testing speed, reduces test costs and ensures greater thoroughness than a manual equivalent.

The guided setup provides automated fast stress signal calibration and compliance measurement functions that can independently be enabled or disabled through the system modularity. Test results are provided in HTML or Excel format and can be of multiple levels of detail with customizable repetition. Select results can be removed from the analysis.

Keysight partner BitifEye Digital Test Solutions, a specialist for test automation, provides customizations and integrated solutions based on N5990/N5991 and the Keysight instrument portfolio. For more information on BitifEye and their range of complementary products and services, see www.bitifeye.com.

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