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Trouble Staying Online and Connecting Worldwide?

Identify the network issue which prevents users from logging in and using Skype and other Unified Communications

  • Cannot connect over the internet or Wi-Fi
  • Data competing for prioritization
  • Voice packets ‘queuing'
  • Sound dropping out
  • Variable jitter delay
  • Latency issues during a group call

Hawkeye Is the Solution

Hawkeye ensures Skype for Business deployments live up to your performance and end user expectations by allowing you to:

  • Assess network performance for your LAN/WAN, wireless and cloud
  • Put your network under actual stress: be fully ready
  • Generate multiple flows to emulate the same traffic as in real life
  • Use metrics to meet recommendations from UC vendors
  • Troubleshoot quickly with hop by hop analysis
  • Identify problems and bottlenecks
  • Solve and verify before the real service roll out
  • Easily deploy yourself
  • Engage Keysight's Professional Services for a full turn-key service

Hawkeye Verifies Network Performance First

Know how applications will perform on your network before you launch

  • Quickly and effectively validate network performance
  • Run scheduled verification tests
  • Test both wireline and wireless connections
  • Isolate problems
  • Proactively detect issues
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Unified Communication Network Assessment


Successfully Rollout Skype For Business with Hawkeye

Hawkeye Is Microsoft Certified for Skype For Business

Now featured on Microsoft Pro IT Tools. Hawkeye is certified for Skype for Business

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