• High-performance DU emulator for MIMO and massive MIMO O-RU test and validation​
  • Integrated with Open RAN Studio to play, capture, and analyze O-RAN traffic
  • Future proof CUSM-Plane fronthaul validation in a single platform​
  • Expandable fronthaul data rate address massive MIMO beamforming test demand
  • Flexible reference clock sources fits different timing topologies
  • High-density and high-performance clock quality analytic tool
  • Analyze PTP, SyncE, and digital clocks with built-in impairment for realistic testing
  • Measures clock quality per ITU-T recommendations and O-RAN specifications
  • Test multiple clock paths in parallel across devices and networks
  • Scalable multi-user architecture for parallel test execution

Comprehensive Validation for MIMO and
Massive MIMO O-RAN Radio Unit

Open fronthaul architectures and gNB disaggregation requires comprehensive analysis of disaggregated RAN elements of O-RU, O-DU, and O-CU. The Radio unit (O-RU) connects RF and digital domain, impacts spectral efficiency, energy saving and cost reduction, and is the key element for a successful 5G deployment. As Chipset vendors and NEMs roll out O-RAN Radio Unit (O-RU), they need to test O-RAN compliance, massive MIMO beamforming and performance to ensure the coverage, capacity, and user experience that is promised with 5G.

The Keysight Time Sync Analyzer expands the Open RAN Studio solution portfolio, and is a high-performance O-DU emulator targeting CUSM-Plane test and validation for MIMO and massive MIMO O-RAN Radio Units (O-RU).

See Open RAN Studio for more details about O-RU testing and validation.

Ensure Robust Timing Infrastructure for 5G Success


Timing and Synchronization has become essential to a variety of networks and industries. With the introduction of Ethernet-based fronthaul into the 5G Radio Access Network (RAN), the demand for synchronizing devices across RAN has become more stringent. Many RAN devices now need to support Ethernet-based synchronization technologies with enhanced accuracy.

Keysight’s Time Sync Analyzer provides clock quality analysis capabilities to test synchronization performance for devices and networks, allowing users to analyze an array of digital clocks, packet clocks, and Ethernet PHY clocks, targeting 5G O-RAN, xHaul transport, as well as Cloud and Data Center networks.

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