Power Integrity Analyzer, Reference Solution

Get the full power integrity measurement reference solution that industry-leaders trust to get the best visibility into their power integrity issues.

The power integrity analyzer reference solution is a hardware-based solution with the Keysight Infiniium S-Series 10-Bit ADC oscilloscope and probes, including the N7020A power rail probe that lets you see the true AC power noise on your DC power line and supports up to +/- 24 V offset and the N2820A high-sensitivity current probe that can measure down to 50 uA.

With Keysight’s power integrity analyzer reference solution, you have an advanced solution to measure low power and power rail signals. Reduce your debugging and characterization time with this low-noise-floor solution.

Power rail measurement solution

  • Solution optimized to measure power rail noise
  • Easy and efficient debugging solutions for power quality analysis
  • Supports up to ± 24 V offset
  • Supports up to 2 GHz bandwidth

Small power measurement solution

  • Solution optimized to measure low-power required devices
  • Lowest power measurement solution
  • Supports down to 50 uA range
  • Support ± 1.6 V peak-to-peak dynamic range with 1:1 attenuation ratio

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