E-Band Signal Analysis, Reference Solution

The E-band signal analysis reference solution provides an effective measurement solution for today’s wideband signals as well as emerging communications standards. With the M1971E waveguide harmonic mixer, which provides a 55 to 90 GHz input; Keysight oscilloscopes, which provide excellent signal integrity; and the powerful 89600 VSA software, you have a high-quality wideband measurement solution. A simple user interface also provides integrated mixer setup, correction and LO optimization, allowing for accurate measurements.


  • Analyze wideband signals (5G, WiGig, automotive radar) at millimeter-wave
  • Simple and integrated mixer control and correction
  • Lower-cost E-band analysis capability


  • mmW modulation bandwidth up to 2.5 GHz
  • 55/60 GHz to 90 GHz E-band frequency range coverage
  • Baseband / IF analysis frequency range coverage up to 8 GHz

Measurement applications and software

  • 89601B vector signal analysis software provides demodulation and insight into transmitter performance
  • N8838A external mixer assistant provides easy measurement setup for control and correction of the M1971E mixer

Key Specifications

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