5G Channel Sounding, Reference Solution

Keysight comprehensively supports test requirements of 5G beamformer ICs in the development to production workflow. Our beamformer IC test solution consists of a variety of measurement hardware and software combinations, including;

  • N524xB PNA-X VNA and Modulation Distortion Application
  • Multiport test sets
  • M980xA PXI VNA
  • M938xB VXG signal generator and N7631C Signal Studio Pro
  • N9040B UXA signal analyzer and X-Series Measurement Application or VSA software
  • S9100A Multi-Band Vector Transceiver
  • Advanced Design System (ADS) and SystemVue

The solution addresses measurement challenges and speeds up the design cycle of 5G beamformer ICs.

  • Multiport and multi-direction measurements
  • Nonlinearity evaluations under wideband modulated signal
  • Accurate and repeatable measurements
  • Rapid measurements and simulations

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