Build a PXI system, by choosing the compatible PXI chassis and PXI controllers that meet your needs. Keysight offers a variety of PXI chassis with different sizes and performance characteristics.

For the highest performance system, configure one of Keysight's Gen 3 chassis with either the M9023A or M9024A PXIe high-performance system modules and PC host adapters. This Gen 3 configuration will enable up to 16 GB/s PXI system bandwidth to an external PC.

Keysight PXIe Chassis

We offer the following PXIe chassis:

  • M9046A 18-slot PXIe chassis delivers the power and cooling required for high-performance applications with 3 PXIe hybrid slots and Gen 3 backplane.
  • M9019A 18-slot PXIe chassis, Gen 3 enables test of multi-channel, high-performance manufacturing applications, such as MIMO and PA/FEM.
  • M9010A 10-slot PXIe chassis, Gen 3 delivers industry-leading sound power levels combined with exceptional per-slot cooling to meet the demands of high-performance PXIe modules. It's a great platform for desktop use and small channel-count R&D applications.

Keysight PXI Embedded Controller and Cable I/O solutions

Keysight provides both flexibility and performance while giving you the choice between controller options. Select a PXI embedded controller when you need a compact solution or want a direct connection to the PXIe backplane. Choose from multiple options for connecting the latest computer hardware to a chassis. Available solutions range from a base-level x8 Gen 2 cable link and to a high-performance x16 Gen 3 cable link. The M9023A and M9024A PXIe system modules also provide options for connecting multiple chassis together using a high-performance, x8 Gen 3 daisy-chain link. For the highest level of performance in multi-chassis systems, you can use multiple M9049A host adapters in a star configuration.

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