• Connecting an external computer to an AXIe or PXIe chassis


  • Single port PCIe host adapter.
  • Enables an AXIe or PXIe chassis to be connected to a desktop or rack-mounted computer via a standard x8 PCIe cable.
  • Single PCIe x8 cable connector and PCIe low profile format for a x8 or x16 computer slot.

Performance characteristics

  • High performance Gen 3 PCIe cable link
  • High data bandwidth (maximum 8 GB/s)

The M9048B is a PCIe host interface card for computers with PCIe expansion slots. It provides a high performance link from an external computer to an AXIe or PXIe Chassis. The card has a Gen 3 x8 PCIe cable link capable of achieving speeds up to 8 GB/s. This means a high performance system can be built using desktop or rack-mounted computers.

The M9048B utilizes a PCIe switch and clock isolation to provide a high quality clock source driven down the PCIe cable to the PXIe or AXIe chassis. Therefore, it always provides the same high-performance PCIe link regardless of the PC that it’s placed in.

The card utilizes an x8 Molex cable connector and should be used with x8 to x8 PCIe cables tested to operate at Gen 3 speeds such as the Keysight Y1202A or Y1203A. Operation is transparent to the software application and no software drivers are required.


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