Our goal is to minimize your downtime. The Keysight technical team of engineers know our test systems inside out. They can diagnose problems quickly, fix them fast, and help you to avoid downtime. Our experts can be part of your team whenever you need them either by providing end-to-end coverage that allows your engineers to focus on your production line or by supplementing your own team of Keysight-trained experts when you need us. Either way, we are here to deliver quality service at your convenience.

Features Onsite Cooperative Cooperative Value
Remote Phone Support Options • 8 x 5 • 8 x 5
• 24 x 7
• 8 x 5
• 24 x 7
Onsite Repair Service Options • Next Business Day
• Same Business Day
• 24 x 7
• 3 Business Day
• Next Business Day
• Same Business Day
• 24 x 7
• 3 Business Day
• N/A
Part Replenishment Next Business Day Next Business Day Next Business Day
Web-Based Solutions Knowledge Base Yes Yes Yes
Yearly Account Management Reviews Yes Yes Yes
Web-Delivered Service Notes Yes Yes Yes
System Calibration & Preventive Maintenance Recommended Recommended Recommended
Software Updates Subscription Recommended Recommended Recommended


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ICT Max and Flex System Uptime Support Agreement for i3070

Introducing the revolutionary ICT Max and Flex support offerings from Keysight for your i3070 in-circuit test (ICT) systems. Now you have the choice to select from a range of solutions for supporting your i3070 system, or have the flexibility to customize your support needs. These new support offerings also provide PC obsolesce protection and calibration license.

ICT Max provides complete peace of mind at the best value. It comes as a single bundled support agreement that is warranty-like; covering everything from remote phone support, spare parts replenishment including consumables, onsite calibration service, to software update subscription. All you need is to specify the type of support service level, either onsite or cooperative.

ICT Flex provides the framework for customizing a support solution that meets your needs. For instance, it can be a ‘just enough’ support agreement, or one that covers non-standard support deliverables. The ultimate goal is to minimize your downtime by providing you the right type of support solutions that meet your needs.

ICT Flex support allows you to pick and choose the coverage you require:

  • Hardware support for test head, including obsolesce protection for PC controller
  • Options for limited or unlimited part replenishment for the module cards
  • Options for standard, or upgrade support, or extended post end-of-support (EOS)
  • Options for onsite system calibration service or ASRU calibration service
  • Option for system software update subscription
  • Option to include consumables and accessories replacement

Limited Parts Agreement

Key Features & Specifications

  • Defective parts repair or exchange service
  • Flexible maintenance cost based on estimated consumption
  • Maintenance cost distributed over the duration of one year
  • Keysight provides tracking and administration of the credits, with monthly utilization reports on parts usage and credit balance
  • Credits are tied to part categories of similar value or function
  • Parts from Keysight are guaranteed and fully tested by Keysight’s stringent quality requirements
  • Keysight repaired or exchanged parts come with a 90 days warranty


Restore your test system with genuine parts for optimal uptime. Keysight understands the challenges that manufacturers face, and has designed the Limited Parts Agreement – a new affordably-priced support program targeting your special needs.

Two agreement options are available, depending on your preference:

  1. Return-to-Keysight Repair Service Agreement (RTA) – A defective part is brought back to Keysight for repair and thereafter returned to the customer;
  2. Parts Exchange Agreement (PXA) – A defective part is exchanged with a working part.
Features PXA RTA
Parts coverage • Module cards
• System cards
• Module cards
• System cards
Parts turn around time

Next Business Day

10 Business Day
Minimum orderable credits 5 5
Availability Asia and America China only

System Spare Onsite Agreement

Key Features & Specifications

  • Minimizes inventory set-up costs
  • Enables access to a spare parts kit at your site
  • Eliminates parts delivery time
  • Accelerates repair time
  • Annual audit to ensure the integrity of your spare parts kit
  • Option to buy out the spare parts kit after the first year of the agreement


Keysight System Spares Onsite Agreement provides you peace of mind in the event of a test system breakdown. You have the confidence of knowing you have immediate access to spare parts at your site, whenever you need them.

Keysight System Spares Onsite Agreement is flexible, affordable, and tailored to meet your ultimate system uptime needs. It is designed to supplement our Cooperative and Onsite Support Agreements, to offer you benefits so your test system can get up and running quickly.

system spare onsite agreement

Service Volume Agreement

Key Features & Specifications

  • Service Volume Agreement (SVA) is set up based on the expected annual level of business
  • Suitable for facilities typically with 5 or more test systems per year Requiring spare parts replenishment, calibration and repair services
  • Per-incident pricing is fixed for the annual term of the contract
  • Separate invoice for each service transaction, or monthly invoice at the end of each month for the work completed in that month
  • Consolidated invoice contains details of all work performed

Service Volume Agreement (SVA) simplifies the way you buy services with Keysight. The SVA removes the need to place multiple service orders, thus saving you time and money. The SVA enables one or several individuals to simply request the services they need against a standard agreement.

Two service levels are available, depending on the customer’s expected annual service volume level:

  • Level 1
  • Level 2

XTPB Card Upgrade Agreement

Key Features & Specifications

Major Components for Control XTPB Upgrade Agreement

  • Control XTPB Card, iCAP System Card and Manage Hub.

Control XTPB Card

  • With a faster processor and a fully managed 100 Mbps ethernet network connection, customers can expect to see an average improvement of between 6% to 12% in overall test times. Digital test execution of up to four times faster can be expected on boundary scan and dynamic flash programming. Testhead boot time is also greatly reduced.

iCap System Card

  • With a faster processor and a fully managed 100 Mbps ethernet network connection, customers can expect to see an average improvement of between 5% to 20% in overall test times. Testhead boot time is also greatly reduced.

Manage Hub

  • Also known as a managed switch, a hardware requirement that is used to improve network performance.

The Control XTPB card works with the latest i3070 10.00p software version, providing improved test efficiency. Over 40% faster Boundary Scan, Silicon Nails and dynamic flash programming and more than 6% faster overall testing on most PCBAs. This upgrade package includes an iCAP System Card and Managed Hub, and offers the most cost effective way for customers to improve their Keysight ICT performance. Both the Control XTPB and iCap cards are now plug-and-play; customer engineers or technicians can now quickly swap cards without the need for software changes. Associated cabling and installation are included in this package.


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