Time-based license option of the Power Electronics Model Generator Software Bundle for Device Modeling.


The W8598 Power Electronics Model Generator (PEMG) Software Bundle is an advanced device modeling software tailored towards the model extraction requirements of discrete semiconductor power electronic devices. It offers device modeling engineers and circuit designers the most advanced and customizable software environment for all modeling needs, including data visualization, simulation, optimization, verification, and reporting.

  • Industry-standard ASM-HEMT model support for GaN discrete and IC devices used in power electronics
  • Keysight SiC and IGBT models that do not require process parameter information
  • Automatic import of measured data (DC, CV, and S-parameters when available)
  • New UI, fast data visualization, preconfigured and automated model extraction
  • Temperature-dependent modeling
  • Model verification and quality check
  • Report generation
  • Form a complete workflow by combining Power Electronics Model Generator with PD1000A Power Device Measurement System for Advanced Modeling and W2240 ADS Power Electronics Bundle
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