IC-CAP Device Modeling Platform Bundle provides the basic tools you need to start modeling devices and circuits.


The Keysight W8500 modeling suite provides the basic tools you need to start measuring and modeling devices and circuits. The modeling bundle lets you set up custom extraction routines, measure data using instrument drivers, analyze results, perform simulations, and optimize extracted parameters. Numerous modeling examples are available at no extra cost as starting points to build and design your own extraction toolkits. The modeling suite consists of the following components:

  • W8501 Core environment – provides data management, visualization, and programming capabilities
  • W8502 Simulation and Analysis – provides the PathWave ADS simulator, robust optimization engines, and links to the most commonly used simulators
  • W8520 Instrument Connectivity – allows IC-CAP to control all linear instruments (DC, C-V, AC, time, and noise)
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