Measure and accurately model any GaN RF device with the physics-based industry-standard ASM-HEMT and the MVSG models, or use the established Angelov-GaN model.


The W7325B PathWave IC-CAP CMC GaN RF Modeling includes:

  • Over 50 turnkey measurement drivers
  • Python/PEL Programming environment
  • Optimization, tuning, and links to most  commercial circuit simulators
  • Extensive library of application examples
  • Advanced Spice Model for High Electron Mobility Transistors or ASM-HEMT Model
  • MIT Virtual Source GaN Model or MVSG_CMC Model
  • Angelov-GaN GUI-based Extraction Package

The W7325B IC-CAP CMC GaN RF Modeling bundle includes the following products to get you going:

  • W7300B PathWave IC-CAP Device Modeling Platform bundle
  • W7324B PathWave IC-CAP CMC GaN RF Modeling Add-on
  • Angelov-GaN GUI-based Extraction Package (also available as part of the W7013E)

The W7300B Device Modeling Platform Bundle  provides all the tools you need to start measuring and modeling devices and circuits. The W7324 IC-CAP CMC GaN RF Modeling adds extraction flows for two physics-based models for GaN devices for RF applications. Both models were accepted as industry-standard by the Compact Model Coalition (CMC) in 2017. This bundle also includes the Angelov-GaN extraction package. The Angelov-GaN model was developed by Prof. I. Angelov at the Chalmers University of Technology and has quickly established itself as one of the industry's standard solutions.

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