W5307B synthesizes RF circuits and simulate RF system chains with digitally modulated RF signals to predict, diagnose and fix EVM impairments. Learn more!


The W5307B PathWave RF Synthesis Core, Synthesis, System, Modulated-RF includes:

  • Personal circuit synthesis and RF system design tool for ADS users
  • RF system architecture and budget analysis
  • Digitally modulated RF sources for error vector magnitude (EVM) and adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR) system simulation
  • 12 RF circuit synthesis, e.g. lumped/distributed/custom filters and match

Core, Synthesis, System, Modulated RF enables comprehensive synthesis of lumped and distributed RF circuits together with RF system design and analysis of system block diagram performance under digitally modulated RF stimulus. Predict, diagnose and fix EVM impairments from culprit system blocks for optimum RF system performance. Supports Keysight frequency dependent Sys-Parameters to accurately model off-the-shelf system blocks in simulation.

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