Core + System architecture and WhatIF frequency planning + Dataflow simulator (Genesys engine) for Modulated RF system analysis (EVM, ACPR, Constellation).


The W5306B PathWave RF Synthesis Core, System, Modulated-RF includes:

  • Core environment, Linear Simulator, Schematic, Data Display, Layout, Instrument Link, MATLAB script
  • RF System Simulation & Frequency Planning
  • Digitally modulated RF sources for error vector magnitude (EVM) & adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR) system simulation
  • Sys-Parameters support

RF system architecture design (SpectraSys) with accurate behavioral and Keysight Sys-Parameters data-based frequency-dependent system blocks to completely analyze nonlinear system block diagram performance with digitally modulated RF sources for EVM and ACPR specs. Unique root-cause diagnostics identify culprit components that impair system performance to ensure optimal choice of system component specs along the entire chain and avoid costly hardware rework and iterations. WhatIF instantly identifies spurious free IF bands for designing multiband down convertors with high or low side LO's.

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