W5300B PathWave RF Synthesis Core is an RF circuit design software, including schematic capture, linear & statistical simulators, and more capabilities.


The W5300B PathWave RF Synthesis Core includes:

  • Core design environment, Schematic Capture, Data Display, MATLAB scripting, Tuning
  • Linear Simulation, Optimization, Statistical analysis
  • Layout, 3D viewer
  • Instrument Link
  • No other RF design tool offers so much capability at this price point

Pathwave RF Synthesis Core is the an affordable, easy-to-use, full-featured design environment with schematic capture, linear and statistical simulators, optimization, layout, data display, Matlab scripting and test instrument link capabilities. It provides the prerequisite environment to add extended capabilities in other affordable bundles to include: comprehensive RF circuit synthesis; nonlinear circuit simulators; RF system; Modulated RF; and electromagnetic (EM) simulation.

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