W4300B PathWave EM Design Core is designed for creating arbitrary 3D objects and importing existing 3D models from other CAD environments. Learn more!


The W4300B PathWave EM Design Core includes:

  • 3DEM solid modeling environment only (does NOT include simulators)
  • Imports 3D geometries from popular CAD tools
  • Imports 3D planar layout from PathWave ADS and PathWave RF Synthesis
  • Creates and exports parameterized 3D geometries to PathWave ADS

PathWave EM Design core environment for creating, importing and editing 3D geometries to prepare them for 3DEM simulation with the addition of ports, boundary conditions and material properties. This design core does NOT come with EM simulators. Links with PathWave ADS and PathWave RF Synthesis to import 3D planar layouts for combining with 3D structures such as RF connectors and non planar antennas for subsequent 3DEM simulation. Also creates parameterized 3D geometries to export to PathWave ADS for RFPro 3DEM-circuit co-simulation.

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