The Conducted EMI solution is now available for PathWave ADS PIPro. It enables the setup of differential excitations, with system ground plane referencing to match conducted EMI test bench measurements. Includes spectrum limits for automotive test compliance.


The W3036E Conducted EMI (CEMI) with PIPro includes:

  • The ability to automate the differential excitation and port setup within PIPro
  • Handles complex PCB’s with high layer count and/or large size
  • Meets CISPR 25 standard for automotive testing
  • Runs Harmonic Balance for fast simulation of steady-state switching ripple and spectral content

The Conducted EMI (CEMI) feature enables ease of use for differential setup with ground plate referencing to match CEMI measurement test bench. The setup is automatic for the digital twin test bench with the ability to sweep component parameters and determine impact on large signal switching ripple and CEMI. This feature has built in testing for tough/tight to pass CISPR 25 automotive standards for conducted EMI. The W3036E is an add-on product to PIPro, and therefore requires a PIPro license as a pre-requisite.

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