• Provides MATLAB® users access to the PathWave System Design 5G NR reference library.
  • Supporting 5G NR physical layer channels and reference DSP models for:
    - 3GPP TS 38.211 Physical Channels and Modulation
    - 3GPP TS 38.212 Multiplexing and Channel Coding
  • Usable by engineers working in a MATLAB design flow.
  • 3D MIMO channel based on 3GPP TR 38.901 V14.0.0 (2017-03), Release 14.
  • Over-the-air (OTA) simulation for 5G NR mmWave.

With the addition of the W1720EP/ET Phased Array Beamforming Kit, users can also include:

  • Multi-antenna system architectures, including baseband, RF and hybrid beamforming structures. 3GPP TR38.901 3D channel model, supporting 0.5 GHz - 100 GHz channel characteristics.
  • Link level performance evaluation by incorporating user antenna element pattern as well as beam pattern files from EMPro/HFSS/CST into simulation.

PathWave System DesignThe W1806BP 5G NR Algorithm Design Module allows algorithm developers using MATLAB to access the 5G NR reference library within PathWave System Design. This library includes the component reference library from W1906 5G NR Baseband Verification Library, but without the W1720 Beamforming Kit.

The W1806BP provides trusted reference algorithmic modeling IP to system and baseband designers working in a MATLAB flow. Current reference models support the 3GPP release-15 standard. Consisting of signal processing building blocks, subsystems, reference multi-antenna system modeling examples, and infrastructure components, the library allows system architects to execute realistic technical research and easily evaluate your 5G communication system design.

The W1806BP provides reference transmitters and to users in MATLAB validating their own IP or exploring larger system and channel link-level analysis.

Figure 1. The W1806BP provides reference transmitters to users in MATLAB validating their own IP or exploring larger system and channel link-level analysis.

Designers in MATLAB can use the W1806 as either a reference transmitter or receiver, as well as a full physical layer reference platform (Tx and Rx) to validate their MATLAB algorithms. Control of basic parameters of the reference source and receiver is possible directly from MATLAB. Measurements include EVM, CCDF, spectrum, ACLR, and constellation diagrams. New OTA examples are also available with this library.

Product Information

PathWave System Design (SystemVue) users as well as MATLAB baseband DSP developers can add the W1806 5G NR Algorithm Design Module for MATLAB to their existing license configuration. This provides a ‘golden reference’ IP library to system developers for validation of their 5G NR designs.

  • W1484BP/BT SystemVue RF Impairment Module
  • W1806BP/BT 5G NR Algorithm Design Module
  • W1720EP/ET Phased Array Beamforming Kit

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