TS-8989 PXI Functional Test System is designed for mechatronic application of up to 104 nodes and 40A current loads for industrial and automotive industries.


  • Size: 483.85 (W) x 372.06 (H) x 543.14 (D) mm. Space required in a 19” rack layout is 8U with an optional embedded PC controller
  • Software: Test Exec SL 7.1 & TS-5000 Family Application Software 7.0V with over 400 built-in test libraries via optional embedded PXI controller.
  • Embedded PXI Controller (Optional): Core i7 2.1GHz processor, 8GB S-DIMM, 500GB HDD SATA, with Built-in GPIB controller, Windows 7 64-bit
  • Industrial PC Controller (Optional): Core i5-2400 3.1GHz Processor, 8GB RAM, 500GB HDD with Windows 7 64-bit and PCIe-8560/PXI-8565 PCIe-to-PXI expansion kit
  • Signal switching: Up to 104 x 4 matrix
  • Load switching: Up to 8-channels x 40A, 32-channels x 7.5A and 72-channels x 2A
  • Measurement: 6.5 Digit Digital Multimeter and support for any cPCI, PXI-1 based measurement instruments e.g. digitizers.
  • Stimulus: Support for any cPCI, PXI-1 based measurement stimulus instruments e.g. ARB and DAC

The Keysight TS-8989 PXI Functional Test System provides manufacturers with a cost effective, integrated PXI-based measurement, switch and load system in a box that supports up to 104 test nodes and current loads of up to 40A. Designed for mechatronic application functional tests, it is the ideal minimalistic one box solution for the industrial and automotive industries that provides ‘Best Enough Test’ while saving invaluable rack and floor space.

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