The U8031A is a manual triple-output power supply with excellent load regulation and a sequencing function for semi-automated testing.


Excellent output noise and load regulation

  • load and line regulation (CV: < 0.01% + 2 mV; CC: < 0.02% + 2 mA)
  • transient response < 50 µsec
  • output noise ≤ 1 mVrms  and ≤ 1 mArms

Simple interface with convenient features

  • fully integrated OVP and OCP
  • dual display of both voltage and current
  • auto-tracking between output 1 and output 2
  • multiple channels that can be individually or simultaneously controlled

Variable DC Power Supply with Triple Outputs

The U8031A is a variable DC power supply with a total output of 375 W. It is well-suited for the design and manufacturing of electronic devices. The U8030 Series power supplies feature an output sequencing capability for semiautomated tests. These power supplies allow you to generate output sequences with minimal programming skills. They feature excellent load regulation and clean output noise for continued stability.

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