Accurate Data Capture with PCIe Analyzers

The Keysight U4301B PCI Express (PCIe) analyzer combines accurate probing technology with flexible hardware architecture. This PCIe 3.0 analyzer uses Keysight’s unique Equalization Snoop Probe (ESP) technology, allowing you to match the algorithm to the type of channel the protocol analyzer is monitoring. This technology ensures that the captured data is as accurate as possible. 

  • Hardware and software features of PCIe analyzers ensure the fastest time to insight
  • Supports PCIe 1.0 through PCIe 3.0 and x1 link width through x16
  • A single x16 configuration can be split into two separate smaller link width test systems
  • Transactional analysis of NVMe and PCIe data includes tools for finding and decoding the protocol information 
  • Simple-to-use, powerful state-based triggering
  • Advanced filters and triggering for complex scenario analysis

PCIe analyzers for Finding and decoding protocol information

The Keysight PCIe analyzer offers tools for finding and decoding protocol information, making it easy to locate protocol errors or validate device operation. View data from the physical layer up through the transaction layer with these analysis features:

  • Industry-standard spreadsheet-style GUI for the presentation of protocol information
  • Clear and precise data viewing through a table-based approach
  • Easy-flow and color-by-packet-type protocol views
  • Lane, packet, navigation, LTSSM, and performance summary viewers
 U4301B PCI Express Protocol Analyzer

Key Specifications

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