The SL1010A Scienlab Battery Management Systems (BMS) Environment is designed for secure and precise testing of battery management systems.


Meet the SL1010A Scienlab BMS (Battery Management System) Environment

A BMS assumes important safety, control, and regulation functions. Those functions include monitoring parameters such as voltage, current, temperature, and state of charge (SOC). A BMS also regulates thermal management, energy management, cell balancing, and performance.

The Scienlab BMS Environment from Keysight enables you to test and improve all the above-mentioned functions of the BMS during the BMS development. Instead of real cells, Scienlab Cell Emulators are connected to emulate various cell types including ready-to-use cell-models. The modular system architecture enables individual compilation and flexible control of the system. The emulators are implemented by standardized interfaces into HiL environments such as Vector or dSpace.

  • Safety for personnel and product even in critical operating points — because no real components are used
  • No risk of hazards from the cell chemistry and the electrical energy of the battery
  • Real-time interfaces for fast data transfer (1 Gbps) between the test systems and the HiL system

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