The S8703A Functional KPI Toolset provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution for development engineers working on integration and functional testing to validate the performance of their devices. The toolset flexibly addresses test needs around Data Throughput, Power Consumption (battery life), Audio, Mobility, Emergency Application Services, Dual-SIM, and advanced functionality like Bandwidth Parts (BWP), and Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS).

It offers:

  • An intuitive and easy-to-use graphical user interface for creating, configuring and running test campaigns
  • Supports two modes: Runtime mode - enables pre-canned test scenarios, and Developer mode - provides advanced users with the ability to create test scenarios with a higher level of complexity and flexibility
  • Optimized test execution times, enabling rapid inspection of the functional performance of 5G NR & 4G devices
  • A report generator to summarize the results of test campaigns
  • State-of-the-art logging, visualization and debugging tools
  • Flexible licensing options to scale with the technology

The S8703A Functional KPI Toolset is part of Keysight’s 5G Network Emulation Solutions portfolio. It provides an efficient and cost-effective platform designed for development and validation engineers within chipset manufacturers, mobile device manufacturers, operators and repair houses to validate user experience scenarios.

When developing new 5G devices, design engineers require access to tools that enable them to rapidly inspect and verify the functional aspect of their devices, allowing them to identify and focus on areas where performance is sub-optimal and quickly retest when the issue has been rectified. Keysight’s-Functional KPI Toolset extends the functionality of the UXM 5G Test Application by providing an automated suite of test scenarios around data throughput, audio, power consumption, mobility, emergency services, Dual-SIM, BWPs, and DSS, which have been optimized for speed and designed to run on a benchtop platform, allowing each engineer to have a dedicated test system on their own desk. Combined with Keysight’s sophisticated logging and debugging tools, the solution enables design verification engineers to accelerate the transformation of new 5G and 4G devices from prototypes to commercial products.

Accelerate 5G FWA Device Test

FWA is growing quickly to provide fast data connections to areas previously without broadband service. Many fixed-location devices use 5G and WLAN for connectivity.  Learn more about how our Wireless Network Emulation Solutions can help you verify RF and throughput performance of 5G devices for fixed locations.

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S8703A Functional KPI Toolset for 5G Functionality Testing

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