The S5040A Appliance is enabled by Keysight’s powerful O-RAN focused tools and is purpose built to construct, play, capture, and measure O-RAN traffic over 10 Gbps / 25 Gbps (fronthaul) Ethernet interfaces. Out of the box integration of the U5040B Open RAN Studio software with Keysight’s industry leading PathWave Signal Studio and 89600 VSA software enables sophisticated 5G signal creation and easy capture, extraction, and export of IQ vectors – for advanced modulation analysis of received RF / mmWave signals and radio performance

  • The S5040A and Open RAN Studio provide a test environment that integrates with Keysight tools, in both RF and Protocol Domains, to completely exercise an O-RAN CUS compliant Radio Unit (O-RU).
  • Signal Studio Pro for 5G NR creates 3GPP compliant 5G NR waveforms for emulation through Open RAN Studio to an O-RU / DUT and subsequent transmission to a downstream signal analyzer, DUT, or compliant UE.
  • The S5040A Open RAN Studio Player and Capture Appliance incorporates UltraScale FPGA hardware to accelerate five powerful tools to construct, play, capture, measure, and extract IQ vectors for split option 7.2x O-RAN traffic.
  • Emulate a DU and generate test vectors against an O-RU
  • Capture Tx & Rx bidirectional eCPRI message flows between the DU and O-RU over the O-RAN interface
  • Timestamps, decode and visualizes O-RAN protocol information and enables measurements in both protocol and RF / mmWave domains
  • Optional IQ Extractor reconstructs a time domain IQ file from an O-RAN trace capture, enabling advanced  modulation measurements with 89600 VSA software.
    • 89600 VSA for 5G NR may optionally receive captured IQ vectors from the S5040A and the Open RAN Studio IQ Extractor to perform 5G NR modulation and radio performance measurements

Key Specifications

Form Factor
Player and Capture Appliance
4 ports
Form Factor
Player and Capture Appliance
4 ports
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Form Factor:
Player and Capture Appliance
MS-Windows Support:
Windows 10
4 ports
Signal Type:
ORAN Ethernet Fronthaul
Sub System Simulated:
Supported Data Rates:
10 or 25 Gbps Ethernet
Test Types:
4 SMA inputs
S5040A Open RAN Studio Player and Capture Appliance

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