Address your growing footprint challenges and push the boundaries using 20 SMU channels within a 1U rack space. Speed time-to-market with flexible software options, simplified system integration and synchronization, and application-specific measurement capabilities.


The Keysight PZ2100A is the precision source / measure unit (SMU) mainframe that uncompromisingly and densely integrates 20 SMU channels into valuable 1U height, full width, rack space with flexible module options at their best performance. It supports a variety of resources such as the Keysight PZ2110A Precision SMU, PZ2120/21A High-Speed SMUs, and PZ2130/31A High Channel Density SMUs with multiple functions such as pulser and digitizer, as well as precise voltage / current sourcing and measuring to adapt to a wide range of application requirements. The PZ2100A has 4 slots and allows any mixed module configuration for flexible scalability.

  • 20x higher channel density than conventional SMUs - 20 Ch in 1U rack height, full width
  • Flexible scalability with 5 SMU module options having pulse / digitizer in one resource
  • Single box solution with <100 ns synchronization accuracy supporting 20 channels at max. 
  • Basic and advanced control software on PathWave for excellent operation and user experience 
  • User-friendly graphical user interface collectively managing 20 channels at max.

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