The PP0002A is a high-voltage passive probe that provides all the ease of use benefits of a passive probe, with the performance generally seen from an active probe.



The PP0002A is a high-voltage passive probe with 800 MHz of analog bandwidth and less than 2 pF of capacitive loading, while providing a never before seen 1200 Vrms input voltage. It provides all the ease of use benefits of a passive probe, with the performance generally seen from an active probe. The AutoProbe I interface provides offset and auto configuration of probe type and attenuation setting. PP0002A provides:

  • 800 MHz of analog bandwidth (<2 pF input capacitance)
  • 1200 Vrms CAT II input voltage, and up to 3 kV peak transient overvoltage
  • 40 MΩ input impedance at low frequencies
  • AutoProbe I compatibility
  • 1.3 meter cable length for ease of use
  • Small 5mm tip and compact probe design for easy probing on smaller targets
  • Variable attenuation, automatically configured by the oscilloscope
  • Rigid tip for secure device-under-test connectivity
  • Replaceable probe tip cartridges
  • Large accessory set for versatile connectivity

The PP0002A is designed for use on InfiniiVision and Infiniium oscilloscopes with the AutoProbe I interface, with the use of the PP0004A adapter. The PP0001A/2A/3A probes are a new generation of Hi-Z+ probes for which the probe is to be viewed as a combination of the “probe and probe adapter (PP0004A)”. This combination does not have a fixed attenuation ratio but rather has multiple available attenuation ratios per given V/div settings to accommodate a very large dynamic range and flat frequency response.

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